Cast-Iron Cookware Is Still Working Its Magic

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Wagner ware cast iron cornbread pan meeting people in jersey channel islands Made in USA. Cast iron pot, used for outdoors corn roast, measures 14" dia. Antique Cast Iron Ladles 1. Smart Brockville, Ont.

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If you've had any experience with cooking in cast iron, you'll know there's a difference between the modern-day cast iron pans and the classic antique iron cookware. Cast iron pans made today are heavier, with a rougher cast surface; whereas vintage cast iron pots and pans from the early 20th century have a far smoother cooking surface, and are lighter in weight and heft. This doesn't mean modern-day cast iron pans are worse to cook with than antique iron, it only means they're slightly different. And if you know anything about acquiring and collecting antique 20th century cast iron, then you know that the brand names to look for are Wagner and Griswold.

Sweet Skillet Cornbread

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Ultimate Guide to Vintage Cast Iron

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