Creative Libraries Workshop: Dandenong

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Creative libraries workshop fastrack reflex 2.0 app Topics, dates, and locations are listed below. Workshops were limited to 50 participants each. A cohort of 15 people has been selected through an application process to attend all 3 workshops. The cohort will receive funding for travel expenses and will be expected to participate in a more thorough evaluation creative libraries workshop to help gauge the efficacy of this training model. Additional spots will be released on a creative libraries workshop, first-served basis prior to each workshop.

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The experiences have all been very positive and show that libraries and the Do-it-yourself Movement indeed go together very well. Makerspaces are open spaces in which people can work on physical objects. They are spaces for new ideas and do-it-yourself projects. Makerspaces, also known as Fablabs fabrication laboratories are, so to speak, the hobby rooms of the digital age. The tools no longer consist of saws and wood or scissors and fabric, but more of laser cutters and 3-D printers.

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