9 Sexy Reasons You Need To Date A Dancer

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Why you should date a dancer don t waste time on dating We have to make time for you. If we find the time to fit you into our jammed packed schedules filled with practices, camps, classes, homework assignments, internships, jobs, games and competitions, then you automatically know you are something special to us. This will eliminate all doubt. Flexibility In the sheets and out of them! Being flexible can come in handy physically and mentally.

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Shutterstock Date a girl who dances. Date a girl devoted to doing the unnatural every day, who stands on her toes and speaks without words. Find a girl who dances.

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However, there are many reasons to date them that will make you not want to date anybody else! First, dancers are incredibly fit. Dance is a sport that will work your entire body for numerous hours per day. Arms, abs, legs, feet, calves, back — you name it — it will be sore the next day! Dancers will often find muscles sore that they didn't even know existed.

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Should you date that dancer? This leads to the inevitable question. should you date that dancer?




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