What Is a Sphere of Influence?

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Sphere of influence imperialism definition latest korede bello pictures Kallie Szczepanski has a Ph. Updated January 25, 2018 In international relations and historya sphere of influence is a region within one country over which another country claims certain exclusive rights. The degree of control exerted by the foreign power depends on the amount deifnition military force involved in the two countries' interactions, generally. These spheres served sphere of influence imperialism definition purposes for the imperial powers involved, so their layout and administration differed as well.

See Article History Sphere of influence, in international politics, the claim by a state to exclusive or predominant control over a foreign area or territory. The term may refer to a political claim to exclusive control, which other nations may or may not recognize as a matter of fact, or it may refer to a legal agreement by which another state or states pledge themselves to refrain from interference within the sphere of influence. It is in the latter, legal significance that the term first gained currency in the 1880s when the colonial expansion of the European powers in Africa and Asia was nearing its completion.

What does sphere of influence mean?

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Spheres of Influence

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