How to Buy Vintage Gillette Adjustable Safety Razors

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Old gillette razor models rishi prasad august 2018 Read on! Vintage Gillette safety razors, like all safety razors, might be a little intimidating to the novice user. If you think safety razors are old-fashioned or too complex, have no fear. People were getting a great shave using safety razors since before your grandpappy was conceived in a night of old gillette razor models passion. Some blades come individually wrapped, some in a small box, some in a little spring-loaded magazine.

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January 19, 2016 CC BY. Joe Haupt In the fall of 2011, Stan Hickam was a radiology technician in a small town in the rolling, rural Northeastern corner of Tennessee with an innocuous hobby. He collected old, corroded Gillette razors that no one wanted anymore, cleaned them up, and sold them on eBay. Unbeknownst to Hickam, the world of manly men at that time were discovering the virtues of vintage shaving gear with rapidly growing gusto. His razors quickly sold, he refurbished even more; they sold at even higher prices, and before he knew it Hickam had a new business on his hands.

History of Gillette and Other Safety Razors 1930 to 1970

Contact Author Vintage Gillette Adjustable Safety Razors The Gillette adjustable double-edge safety razors of the mid-twentieth century—including the Fatboy, the Slim Adjustable, and the Black Beauties—have become popular both for shaving and collecting. These models have an adjuster beneath the head, that allows you to raise and lower the razor blade to control the closeness of the shave. These classics make lovely gifts for a man who enjoys wet shaving.

Gillette Safety Razor - Copper and Brass - Antique Restoration!

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In some cases, as you mentioned, the razors listed on eBay are overpriced. Click to expand... Thank you! I keep an eye on BST and get a daily email summary of new listings but, the sample size so far has been pretty small to 'get a feel' for differences in models and prices.