Imperial County, California Records

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History of imperial valley california steam link ios testflight code From the present station of Niland originally known as Old Beach and then later called Imperial Junctiona branch line runs south to Calexico on the international boundary line for a distance of 41 miles, first operated to Imperial in the spring of 1903, and thence to Calexico in the summer history of imperial valley california 1904. The above branch line thence continues easterly through the northern portion of Lower California and returns to Imperial County at Cantu, thence northerly for a distance of 2. From Calipatria a branch line runs west and thence south for a distance of 12. From Colorado, a station on the main line, across the Colorado River from Yuma, a branch line runs northeasterly, generally following history of imperial valley california river, for a distance of 12. From a connection with the Southern Pacific Company's branch line at Seeley the San Diego and Arizona Railway Company's main line extends westerly for a distance of 27 miles to a point on Imperial County boundary line about a mile west of Silica.

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The story of the Imperial Valley is synonymous with the dream of irrigating the desert. In 1859, Dr. Wozencraft, who had originally come to California seeking gold in the Gold Rush in 1849, prevailed upon the California State Legislature to grant him the rights to 1,600 square miles of the Salton Sink as a destination for a canal carrying water from the Colorado River.

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Mud volcanoes of the Salton Sea / Imperial Valley, California

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