Indiana woman who murdered husband and lover may have killed others

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Woman barbecues husband indiana absent fathers effects on daughters relationships Kelly Cochran, 35, entered a plea agreement in Lake Superior Court stemming from the death of her husbandJason Cochran, 37, two years ago in Hobart. Advertisement Prosecutors claim Cochran gave her husband a fatal overdose of heroin Feb. His death was ruled a homicide caused by asphyxia by strangulation, complicated by woman barbecues husband indiana intoxication, according to attorneys. Jason and Kelly Cochran's parents sat in the courtroom Wednesday morning as Kelly Cochran reviewed and signed her plea agreement with her public defender, Derla Gross.

Cochran, 34, may have buried multiple victims across the midwest, according to a new documentary. Lake County Sheriff's Office A 34-year-old woman suspected of feeding her murdered lover's remains to neighbors at a barbecue may be responsible for the deaths of at least nine other people potentially buried across the Midwest. Kelly M. Cochran in April was sentenced to 65 years in prison after she admitted to injecting her husband, Jason Cochran, with a lethal dose of heroin before smothering him with a pillow.

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