Amendment in Rule 3 – valuation of perquisites.

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Rule 3(7)(iii) of the income-tax rules 1962 tumblr stop someone following you Updated. Oct 20, 2017, 10. MUMBAI. During sales at shopping malls, rule 3(7)(iii) of the income-tax rules 1962 was not uncommon to spot someone using his accumulated meal vouchers to pay for a shirt or a small toy — a habit not in keeping with the spirit of income tax I-T laws, which provide an exemption to meal vouchers subject to certain conditions. The Reserve Bank of India's RBI's requirement that meal vouchers can only be in digital form, come January 2018, will aid better tracking and could nip (37)(iii) misuse.

Vouchers or token to employees Actual amount of expenditure incurredHowever, such value to be considered Nil, if the value of gift per employee during the previous year in aggregate is below Rs. Note 1. i. Log book containing details of journey undertaken for official purpose. The Log book shall contain date of journey, destination, mileage and the amount of expenditure incurred ii.

perquisites taxable for specified employees

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Expenses incurred to earn dividend income (Sec 14A)

how to calculate perquisite tax on accommodation

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