My Time at Portia Color Blind Glasses: Helping Sanwa Quest

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My time at portia date with merlin tying formal shoe laces Humans are few and relics from the past are everywhere. You're trying to start a new life in here town on the edge of civilization called Portia. You will start a porgia and build things with relics from the past, but you can also choose to fight in dungeons, get friendly with town folks, kick some trees, or my time at portia date with merlin explore the surroundings. However, don't worry about your save file, this will continue to work once you've switched back. Posted by kkiablo on Hey Portians!

Each NPC has a story. As it turns out, Portia's barber just hasn't been up to cutting hair after being mocked over his color blindness during a haircutting competition. He's been up to much more and needs help getting his color blind glasses. Let's dive into the quickest way to wrap up this quest.

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My Time At Portia [6.0] - 35 Date with Merlin

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Как всегда, мне ни разу не пришлось повторять ответ. Какой день. Он начался со страдания, с печали о Бенджи. Но потом мне напомнили, сколь гибка человеческая психика: меня вывели из уныния неожиданные познания об октопауках.

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