Harley Quinn Comics Darker Than Any Superhero Movie

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Harley quinn comics black planet bandcamp Sure, on the surface, harley quinn comics usually just referred to as The Joker's crazy harley quinn comics, but the truth behind that simple statement is probably one of the more disturbing and depressing stories read article harley quinn comics. From her lighthearted beginnings as a throwaway cartoon character, Harley worked her way into the fanboy psyche to become one of comics' most followed ladies. Here are some of the more sordid details from Harley's dark past. She first appears as one of The Joker's goons in the 1992 Batman. The Animated Series episode "Joker's Favor," where she's enlisted to kidnap a guy who was once involved in a road rage incident with The Joker.

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Who is Harley Quinn? When Joker was captured, she took great interest in him; she spent most of her time trying to understand Joker. She volunteered to become his follower, she readies to do everything for Joker, she stays close with Joker despite many evil things Joker has done to her.

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По берегу пруда разгуливала львица, выискивая человеческого детеныша, потревожившего ее львят. Николь нырнула, чтобы избежать пронзительного взгляда зверя, а когда выскочила на поверхность, чтобы вздохнуть, львица исчезла, и вместо нее вокруг пруда разгуливали три - Мама, мама, - услышала Николь далекий голос Элли.

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