Top Beaches in Eastern Cape, South Africa

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Eastern cape beach towns chinese dating with the parents episode 1 Morgan Bay is an ideal destination for adventurous family holidays with an more info swimming beach, patrolled by lifeguards during the festive season, and lagoon in pristine natural surroundings. During the day you can gaze at passing ships on the horizon or lie cae the beach with a book. At night you can lie relaxed in comfortable accommodation while eastern cape beach towns hypnotised by the dull roar of the sea, glorious stars and the intermittent beam of the Cape Morgan Lighthouse across eastern cape beach towns bay. The subtropical climate, unpolluted beaches and warm waters of the Indian Ocean make Kei Mouth ideal for bathers, surfers and sunbathers throughout the year. The new tar road has significantly shortened travelling time from East London to only 1 hour.

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However this also means you are missing out on enjoying the beautiful coastline that stretches down the east coast of South Africa all the way down to Cape Town. A drive out of East London on the R72 will lead you all the way to Port Elizabeth where you can then join the main N2 route taking you along the Garden Route all the way to the Mother City. The distance from East London to Cape Town is approximately 1,000km and roughly a 13 hour drive however the best way to negotiate this drive is to split it up with several stops along the way.

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