Which 'Arranged' Couples Are Still Together? They've Kept Working On Their Marriages Off-Camera

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Arranged season 2 where are they now 2018 tv show essay format By Kayla Hawkins May 10 2016 The couples at the heart of FYI's Arranged range in age, culture, and location, but all three pairs have a key element in common. They didn't meet by chance. All three pairs were set up for arranged season 2 where are they now 2018 explicit purpose of forging a marital connection, and the show seems devoted to unpacking whether or not "arranged" marriages are inherently seaspn. So, as the show embarks on Season 2, are any of the Arranged couples still together? If you exclusively believe in love at first sight, I hate to break it to you, but, at least when it comes to these pairs, it seems that a less spontaneous connection can still spark true love.

By Kayla Hawkins July 19 2016 As they've attempted to navigate the newlywed waters of arranged marriages over the course of 10 episodes, the cast of FYI's Arranged has faced some difficult times. Despite the obstacles they faced, all of the Arranged couples are still together and judging from their post-TV social media posts and a few interviews they've given, some of these problems have been sorted out, while others are still a work in progress. When it comes to a lot of the issues shown on Arranged Season 2, though, it just seems to boil down to the stress of getting to know one another while also navigating the world as a newlywed. The couple who seem to have completely settled down are Maneka and Meyur, even after their wedding day awkwardness and the pretty unique situation of both living and working together. According to a June 1 interview with The Knot, the couple has completely adjusted to their married life.

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We initially saw them hook up on-screen in 2011, but they split after Hugo admitted to cheating with Mills' pal Rosie Fortescue. Millie went on to marry rapper Professor Green in 2013, but they announced their separation in 2016. She later returned to her old flame, accepting Hugo's proposal in 2017 and becoming Mrs Taylor in June 2018. Shakespeare wasn't lying when he said 'the course of true love never did run smooth', was he?

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