Can I delete my bookmarks from iCloud?

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How to delete bookmarks stored in icloud cdc std elderly About Rebuilding iCloud Bookmarks Q. New bookmarks don't always propagate to other devices, or after a few minutes, bookmarks that I've placed in folders get moved into the loose BOOKMARKS, deleted bookmarks reappear, duplicates appear, or new bookmarks get deleted. How can I fix this?

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The syncing still appeared to work for the few minutes that it was on, so I was still able to get my bookmarks synced at least the most visible ones, in the Bookmarks Bar and in the Bookmarks Menu , before the process started crashing again and again. I followed their instructions and was able to gather all the logs that they needed, and I sent everything back to them. A week later, they got back to me again, this time saying. Thank you for providing the information needed to pinpoint this issue. In fact, I found about 50 copies of the bookmark! The problem was that, while I was able to delete all the local copies of this bookmark in Safari on my Mac Pro, as soon as I turned bookmark syncing back on, iCloud would merge my local bookmarks with the ones stored in the Cloud and put the offending bookmark back in, triggering the creation of multiple copies of it again, and causing the SafariDAVClient crashes again.

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