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Equus caballus genus lemmy kilmister son paul inder The Horse Equus caballus Linnaeus, 1758 is a mammal living in close relation with the man like the cattle, the sheep and goats and the pigs since the Bronze Age from 3. Its origins, however, date equus caballus genus to more ancient times. The first perissodactyls appear in the early Eocene in northern America and in Europe, through a continuous equus caballus genus line originating in the Pleistocene, Quaternary Period, the genus Equus, to which belongs the link horse. The phylogenetic development of the equines is of here maximum scientific importance for the biologists, as, thanks to the abundance of the fossil findings, it is possible cabwllus piece together the main evolutive equus caballus genus which have led to the presently extant specimens.

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The line leading from Eohippus to the modern horse exhibits the following evolutionary trends. increase in size, reduction in the number of hooves, loss of the footpads, lengthening of the legs, fusion of the independent bones of the lower legs, elongation of the muzzle, increase in the size and complexity of the brain , and development of crested, high-crowned teeth suited to grazing. This is not to imply that there was a steady, gradual progression in these characteristics leading inevitably from those of Eohippus to those of the modern horse. Some of these features, such as grazing dentition, appear abruptly in the fossil record, rather than as the culmination of numerous gradual changes. Eohippus, moreover, gave rise to many now-extinct branches of the horse family, some of which differed substantially from the line leading to the modern equines. Arvid Aase—James E.

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Equus Caballus

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