Asperger’s Frequently Confused with Other Psychiatric Disorders

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Autism misdiagnosed as bipolar how to be friends first before dating These misdiagnoses stem, in part, from widespread unfamiliarity with the signs and symptoms of autism in adults, particularly those who were never evaluated or diagnosed autism misdiagnosed as bipolar childhood. The following are symptoms or characteristics of ASD commonly misdiagbosed mistakenly attributed to other conditions. Difficulty with social interactions, which is one hallmark symptom of ASD, may be attributed to autism misdiagnosed as bipolar, social anxiety disorderor avoidant personality disorder. Difficulty with self-expressionboth verbal and non-verbal, or with quickly processing what other people are saying can be misdiagnosed as a language-based learning disability.

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The duration and intensity of mood states varies widely among people with the illness. Mood swings can cause impairment or improved functioning depending on their direction up or down and severity mild to severe. Some people may have difficulty functioning during these times, and the disorder can involve great distress and disruption and is associated with a higher-than-average risk of suicide. Causes Bipolar disorder is considered to be a result of complex interactions between genes and environment. The disorder runs in families, with over two thirds of people with bipolar disorder having at least one close relative with the disorder or with unipolar major depression, indicating that the disease has a genetic component.

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