Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer re-enact Trainwreck scene at Billy Joel show

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Trainwreck uptown girl scene bengali matrimony bride I love a good suicide in my romantic comedies. Hi there Method Man. He really was terrible! I don't know why I'm up here saying this when we could have just played Danny Boy or something. They later go to a formal luncheon where Trainwreck uptown girl scene is uncomfortable for being underdressed.

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Featuring culture's flavour of the month Amy Schumer in a sharp and engaging lead performance, it's a heartfelt, consistently funny film that deftly sidesteps its potential cliches at every turn. Schumer is Amy, a work-hard-play-hard party girl whose MO could have been taken from a hundred male protagonists we've seen in comedies before. she's a success at work, an irresponsible slacker at home, and prefers casual sex to serious dating. Penned by Schumer, the script takes care to develop the pair's inevitable romance while doing away with much of the predictable screwball back-and-forth. Despite their differences - Amy's horrified to learn that Aaron listens, un-ironically, to 'Uptown Girl' as motivation during surgery - it's clear they like each other upfront, and Hader is an incredibly charming match for Schumer's sardonic energy. The context for this is given upfront, with Amy and her sister Kim being warned off monogamy as children by their serial adulterer of a dad Colin Quinn , but the reasoning isn't dwelt upon.

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Because we are obsessed with each other, we are decided to interview each other about the film. Are there spoilers? You bet your ass there are. Like this entire plot spoiler, right now. Trainwreck is about a Manhattanite lady writer named Amy, played by Amy Schumer, who drinks a lot and has a lot of sex and sometimes blacks out and wakes up in Staten Island and is generally a slutty mcslut slut.

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