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Sks markings and worth painting marble tile around fireplace The first original Chinese SKS rifles were made at sks markings and worth 26 arsenal sks markings and worth Russian parts under the guidance of Russian technicians these rifles are known as the Sino-Soviet models. The only markings on learn more here left side of the receiver will be the factory 26 code a four digit serial number and a letter code. All sks markings and worth will have the factory code,serial number and 3 Chinese characters As far as the bayo goes at some point your rifle came with one on it as evidence by the bayo lug still on the rifle,the Chinese especially the factory 26 rifles used blade bayo's up until 1965 from that point on regardless of date of mfg. You can look at your stock and tell what type bayo came on it. I should also point out that unless you know the date of importation of said rifle or know that the previous owner removed the original bayo that it's illegal to put the bayo back on the rifle under current law.

What they being the soviet union, after they decided the SKS wasn't worth half a hoot would do, is take apart multitudes of rifles from all varying manufacture dates and models, throw them in massive bins, submerge the bins in cleaning solutions, then take parts out and slap them back together, not even bothering with matching parts. The fact I got all matching serials, a stock that matches the model of rifle, and the model of bayonet that fits is pretty exceptional from what I've read. Making sure there's nothing hiding in my butt-hole Nothing worth noting besides the cosmoline-soaked cleaning kit.

factory 26 sks

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SKS: Dos and Don'ts

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7.62x39mm Russian SKS (1951 Tula)




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