Move From California to Arizona

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Should i move to phoenix or tucson brian kelley net worth Is Moving to Arizona Right for You? A 2019 Guide. But enough about that. Here are two things you should know about Arizona. There are in fact roadrunners in Arizona, folks who live there seem to see them darting around at 17 miles an hour dodging predators like coyotes.

is tucson safer than phoenix

I hope this doesn't break any rules, but since I'm considering both cities, I'd like perspectives from people who have lived both places. Background. Single male, just turned 34, lived in Tennessee from birth until age 29, and have lived in South Florida West Palm Beach area the last five years. The problem isn't so much the number of people, it's that all of us are sandwiched in a relatively small land area between the Atlantic and the Everglades. The congestion here is stifling, and it can be hard to find room to breathe. I want my next city to have plenty of people -- not looking for a Unabomber-style shack in rural Montana just yet -- but I need some open spaces and scenery nearby, too.

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