Eat Your Kimchi: Canadian couple rides the Korean wave to internet stardom

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Eat your kimchi youtube c#m7 chord guitar finger position Read on for the inside scoop, and tons of funny photos. Today, they have a loyal following of fans aka Nastiesand eat your kimchi youtube expanded EYK into an independent studio, clothing line, worldwide appearances and more. Simon and Martina are just as friendly eah fabulous in person, and we spent over an hour laughing together. I immediately felt at home on their eat your kimchi youtube couch, and we dished about pop culture and fashion as if we were old friends. Fans will recognize the saucy penguin sitting on Martina.

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Photo source. Eat Your Kimchi Facebook page. What began as a way to keep in touch with anxious family members in Ontario gradually became an astoundingly successful website and YouTube channel. Eat Your Kimchi now gets eight million hits per month from 187 countries.

Growing Martina's Miniature Garden

But can you learn about Korean language and culture from this popular channel? How accurate are their videos? At the time, South Korea received a military threat from North Korea. To ease their concerns of their families, they started posting videos on YouTube to show that they were alright. As they posted more videos about Korean life, more people started watching.


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