Adam Sandler Movies on Netflix, Ranked

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Adam sandler movies on netflix columbia maryland singles groups Jun 18, 2019 Adam sandler movies on netflix Since 2015, Adam Sandler has made six projects for Netflix—five feature films and a comedy special. The movies have traversed genres Western, action, romantic comedy, showbiz mockumentaryand nearly nehflix have been poorly received. The streaming company extended its exclusive arrangement with the actor in 2017, claiming his viewership numbers were huge. And so last weekend, subscribers were treated to the latest Sandler project, Murder Mystery, where the premise and cast feel almost algorithmically assembled. Sandler and Jennifer Aniston play a bored married couple who take a European vacation only to get sucked into, well, a mystery involving a murder.

And yet, they remain a staple to our dumb culture. You can probably quote Happy Gilmore by heart. You know what to yell if you run into a swan! While some are certainly better than others, Adam Sandler movies are the junk food that we sometimes crave after a long day of not watching Adam Sandler movies.

Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston Break Down a Scene from Murder Mystery - Netflix

adam sandler movies on netflix 2019

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adam sandler netflix original movies

adam sandler netflix original

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