Why does act like he is interested in me but still active on okcupid?

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Why is he still on okcupid the departed imdb parents guide I'm 34 years old, and am comfortably set in all the personal and professional endeavors that make living a single life in New York City super rad. But the idea of finding that one person who I want to see every day and like more and more the longer I know him? Yeah, I'd http://velove.me/znakomstva-sayti/differential-diagnosis-of-copd-ppt.php down with that.

So does my date who I've seen for over a month. Does his status say he is looking for anything more than friendship still? I started seeing a girl about a month ago, but I think in the end we are too buddy-buddy to be anything serious. Which kind of sucks because we did french kiss a couple times and I was led to believe it was something more Is it normal for girls to french kiss guys who are just good friends? The tongue was even her idea!

OkCupid: Why You Should Read the Fine Print

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By Kristin Magaldi Aug 24 2015 The world of online dating. a modern invention that makes finding a man or woman as easy as online shopping, without being so strenuous on your credit card. But with having the benefit of making contact with anyone in any place, at any time, comes the added chore of finding a quality person online — aka wading through the good and the bad to finally find that suitor who will understand your obsession with corgis and your need to watch every season of Gilmore Girls in one sitting. Fortunately, sites like OkCupid are making it somewhat easier for us, opening up our world to a sea of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes in our area, and making it simple to talk to them. I have been on the site since May, and I have to say, the number of dates I've been on has gone up quite a bit since joining...

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When we first started dating I didn't think much of it, as I was still logging in too just in case things didn't work out... I closed my profile about a month and a half into dating. It dawned on me yesterday to check and see if my guy still had a profile and not only did he still have a profile, but the page said that he was last online at around 5.45 pm the previous night. I checked again this morning and it says that he was last online at around 7.00 this morning! I've seen before that OK Cupid might fudge these, but I don't think that's the case.