Men and body image: 'They just want to work out'

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Why do guys work out so much can you get a virus from a text message iphone Hi pete. Why do guys love working out? The guy i met says he is shy but has a great body through working out…i need some understanding on this…cos i am a shy person and i look physically gud without workouts and i am comfortable with how i look. Thank you Taurus.

why do i love working out so much

They affect men, too — they just don't talk about it. Or not in the way we're used to hearing people talk about it. That's because "body image" issues as a whole tend to focus on women and parts of the body. stomach, arm flab, the thighs, the extra pounds put around the waist as we age. Women are very specific. We notice it, stare at it, talk to our friends about it, learn how to work on improving it.

why do guys stare at me at the gym

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