7 Signs the Pharisees Are Running Your Church

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When your pastor is not a leader boundaries in relationships quotes I used to joke about mercy not being one of my spiritual gifts. Okay, sometimes I still joke about my natural lack of compassion. If you are too empathetic and overly sensitive to how people feel, you will get dashed on the rocks of leadership. Jesus had to push past a lot of competing voices to accomplish his mission. So did Moses, Paul and myriad other leaders.

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Facebook Five solemn-faced people assembled on the other side of the conference table, eyes averted. It was time for my performance review. Nobody seemed particularly festive. For several months there had been rumblings about my pastoral "performance.

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Spiritual abuse is when a spiritual leader uses their power and influence to manipulate and control people. What often starts as good and godly ambitions can curdle into spoiled, selfish ambitions, which then leads to spiritual abuse. The problem with this apart from the obvious pride and glory stealing , is that creating massive movements requires massive amounts of momentum. The inner circle — those closest — will support every decision the pastor makes, no matter how destructive or ludicrous.

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He was frustrated with the church where he served. He was brought to the church because they wanted him to help the church grow again — or so the search committee convinced him — but they continually saw him as too young to make decisions on his own. They consistently undermined his attempts to lead.

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Hinn Trustworthy leadership is hard to find. Inside and outside Christianity, men and women with fancy letters behind their names are doing nasty things to innocent people — and children. Integrity is.