What do you call a dating partner when you're in the awkward in-between dating phase?

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What do you call the person youre dating dating a man with financial problems Worrying about how to introduce the men or women we'd been dating for a few weeks was far from a concern worrying what do you call the person youre dating my colleagues drunkenly trying to set me up with Michael B. Jordan was, but that's another story for another time. If your holiday parties are more conventional, however, and you're planning to bring a guy or gal along, you're probably wondering how to introduce someone you're casually dating to your coworkers and possibly your boss as well, eek! Does calling them a "special friend" make it sound like they're an escort or a charity case probably, yeah.

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what do older unmarried couples call each other

Regardless of whether you have a word that you love to use for the people you date or you have a short list of tolerable options, the reality is there are some options out there from which to choose. So we asked 16 Bustle readers to weigh in on what words they like to use to address and describe the person they're with — and which ones make them want to run screaming from the conversation.

what do you call him when he's not yet your "boyfriend?"

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how to introduce someone you're dating

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