6 Quirky Personality Traits That Are Actually Linked To Success

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Weird personality facts dating rejection depression By Shana Lebowitz Business Insider Getty Images There are so many actions throughout your day that go unremembered--pulling off a few sheets of toilet paper, sending a quick email to a colleaguepicking up toiletries at the drugstore. We dug up psychological research and expert opinion on what different daily habits might reveal about you. Note that none of this information is definitive, and that these general findings weird personality facts not apply to you specifically. Rather, they can provide starting points for weird personality facts more about your own and others' motivations.

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It influences nearly every aspect of our lives including what we choose to do for a living, how we interact with our families, and our choices of friends and romantic partners. But what factors influence our personality? Can we change our personalities, or do our overall traits remain constant throughout life?

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10 Psychology Facts Why You're the Way You're

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9 Weird Traits of the INFJ Personality Type




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