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Vat control account double entry what age to give up on dating Sales and purchases 5. Cash and credit transactions in double entry bookkeeping We are going to look at sales and purchases in double entry bookkeeping systems. Before we progress, it is vital to have understood the business basics covered in part one and part two. What is the difference between sales, sales ledger and the sales ledger control account? Every time we sell something our sales revenue increases and we need to record our sales activity. Firstly we must be clear that it is an vat control account double entry as opposed to a ledger.

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Sales and purchases 5. Cash and credit transactions in double entry bookkeeping This is the last article in the sales and purchases series. If you have missed the other four then please start at part one and work your way through, as the knowledge and understanding of business basics covered is essential. In part four we discussed the sales function and demonstrated the fact that the only real difference between a cash and credit sale is the length of time it takes for the receipt to end up in the bank. The difference between cash and credit purchases is exactly the same — a cash purchase has to be paid for straight away but paying for credit purchases can be delayed by the length of the pre-agreed payment terms.

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VAT double entry

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