25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife, Husband or the Couple

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Unique 25th anniversary gift ideas bad match 2017 wiki Gifting friends on this monumental occasion is very good. You can gifh items for just the wife or the husband or you unique 25th anniversary gift ideas also opt for items that come in a pair. Here we have listed several items and products that you can buy and then personalize to give as gifts. These become memorable pieces that are filled with sentiment and love. Are you planning to celebrate the 25th anniversary of your parents?

traditional 25th anniversary gifts

When thinking about a silver wedding gift you might want to stay with the traditional, or steer towards gifts associated with the 25th wedding anniversary flower, which is the iris. For example, floral themed gifts involving the iris include an art print, iris-scented products such as candles or perfume, an iris plant, or a bouquet of iris flowers. Are your long-suffering parents about to achieve the quarter century milestone? Or do you know a couple of cherished friends who have reached 25 years of marriage?

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

gifts for 25th wedding anniversary to a couple

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25th wedding anniversary gifts for her

Parents' 25th Anniversary Surprise Skit

25th anniversary gift ideas for friends

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