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Two and a half men cast lauren morelli husband While the young acclaimed two and a half men cast did a serviceable job, it was clear that creator Chuck Lorre and the rest of the writers were struggling during the past few seasons of the show. It was what plenty of sitcoms do when the lead leaves, try to plug the void any which way you can. Kutcher could only twi so much as Walden without becoming a clone of Charlie Harper. Might as well create a long-lost family member to be that clone. The obvious ploy just meant the series was on its last legs.

From laughing along with their joy to shedding a tear or two during those oh-so emotional moments, sitcoms have given us some of the most memorable scenes to date. So it may be no surprise that we so quickly fall in love with the starring characters of the show. When it comes to the stars of Two and a Half Men, everyone brought something to the show to make it their own.

Two And A Half Men (Tv Series) Cast: Then & Now ★ See, The Cast After 16 Years

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