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The comedy bar chicago oasis dating network Elena Nicolaou In 2015, Casey Bednarczyk fell in love with the sport of soccer. And then another. Then another. Soon, she and her the comedy bar chicago were texting about the tournament regularly — and were there to cheer the U. Now, most weeks during the soccer season, you can find Bednarczyk in Section 126, chattering with other season ticket holders — including her girlfriend, whom she met in the stands.

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Receive the latest inc-well updates in your inbox Email Privacy policy More Newsletters It can be tough to get noticed as a business, no matter what you do. And if you run a comedy club, that goes doubly because you're competing for everyone else's lingering entertainment dollars. The business has been doing well, so well, in fact, that it started to attract the attention of Co-Owner Lane's friend Jim Belushi. Belushi asked Lane how he could get involved and help earlier this year, and fast-forward to now, and the pair have announced their forging a partnership to help grow the brand.

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