‘Big Bang Theory’ Season Finale: Who’s on the Guest List for Sheldon and Amy’s Wedding?

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Sheldon and amy season 9 joaquin phoenix movies recent With the premiere date of the ninth season set on Sept. Following an ending with numerous unresolved mysteries, one major storyline has viewers speculating. What lies in store in the future of the romantic relationship between Sheldon Cooper Jim Parsons and Amy Farrah Fowler Mayim Bialik? While the two have not always been perceived as a "normal" couple, viewers have come to realize how Amy's sheldon and amy season 9 perfectly complements Sheldon's quirks.

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It's finally rekindled and just in time for Christmas when they finally do the "deed"! At one point, Sheldon tried to win Amy back until she decided that she had enough of his embarassing "awkwardisms". And in one of the most recent episodes, Amy thought she was finally ready to get back together with Sheldon but in his words, he told her that he may be good at everything but getting over Amy was the worst thing he's at. Both attempts of the pair at getting back together was only prompted by the fact that each of them started dating.

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