Cannes 2019: Selena Gomez is getting married to THIS actor? Here's what is going on

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Selena gomez dating bill murray female doctors dating reddit Selena selena gomez dating bill murray May 16, 2019, via an Instagram post, introduced that she may be tieing the knots with Bill quickly. Selena's most excellent courting turned into along with her ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber with whom she broke up in 2018 after a long on-once again-off relationship considering datiing 2010. Now in 2019, nearly a yr after her get a divorce with Beiber, a rumor has spread just like the Chinese whispers which indicate that the 26-12 months-old singer and actress is dating and will be soon marrying her 68-yr-historical The Dead Don't Die, co-superstar, Bill Murray. The pop-singer took over Instagram on Thursday, 16 Selena gomez dating bill murray 2019, through posting a photo of her Cannes red carpet which quickly began trending like a hurricane far and wide the Instagram because of the caption it read.

He rose to prominence after he performed at Saturday Night Live. His comedy is known for its deadpan comedy. What is Bill Murray Famous For?

Shocking! Selena Gomez And 68 Years Old Bill Murray Getting Married, Romantic Video At Cannes 2019

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Are Bill Murray and Selena Gomez Hollywood's newest celeb couple?

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