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Portage college online courses short athletic girl names I was soon to be engaged, ready to start a family, and needed a steady income. Since I already had my Liberal Arts degree, which I completed through testing out, I was hoping to be admitted portage college online courses a 12-month accelerated bachelor of science in nursing. Some schools, I found, required more re reqs for nursing than others. Since I was living abroad, I needed to complete them online. Many online classes, however, can only be begun at certain portage college online courses of the year.

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Technology Systems If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a virtual reality VR tour must be worth a million. Portage College has seven campus locations throughout northeastern Alberta, a vast rural region in which it is difficult to provide potential students an on-location experience. Portage College produced a 360 VR tour video to show potential students our campuses, program labs, and local areas.

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Become a Voyageur at Portage College! We offer a wide range of programs that will allow you to gain career related skills, knowledge and practical experience. Photo courtesy of Allison Andria Photography Our students are our best ambassadors, and so we sat down with one of our alumni to ask her about her admission, classroom and student life experiences at Portage College. J. Why did you choose Portage College?

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