I date an obsessed athlete

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My girlfriend isn t athletic secretly dating someone at work I date an obsessed athlete Dear Meredith, I have been in a serious relationship with my boyfriend for about a year. I'm the first and only girl he brought home to meet his family. I can honestly see myself marrying this kid when we're both out of school.

Most of this conversation has been focused on the athletes committing violent offenses, and deservedly so. However, waiting to start this discussion until after athletes have been charged with violent crimes is too late — the tie between athletics and relationship abuse starts much earlier and is much more complex than that. In my opinion, to get at the root of the relationship between athletes and abuse, we need to talk about how the skills we teach young athletes do not always mirror the skills needed for a healthy relationship.

An issue that I've been running into is that while I am very active, she is completely the opposite. I enjoy strenuous hikes. I bicycle 25-100 miles per week.

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