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Moon easter egg song china sites to see Originally, the old zombie maps did not feature any Easter Egg missions to complete. Kino Der Toten moon easter egg song has a small Easter Egg to complete. The Easter Egg does not require a lot of steps to complete compared to some of the other maps like Origins. However, you don't get all the perks for completing it. The only reward you get is a max ammo and a special song that will play.

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In this post you'll find a complete guide to all of the NEW Easter Eggs that have been found together with gameplay or screenshots to guide you along. Alternatively, if you're interested in the original "main" EE's then I recommend you check out the links at the end of this post. Immediately below are the NEW discoveries...

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Easter Egg Song on Moon (Rezurrection DLC) - Rooster Teeth

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