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Mirai nikki anime planet best java decompiler gui Hello AA! We are a new group called. AnimeAminoHistoryandMythology and anims is our first post, enjoy! As most of the people who watched Mirai Nikki know, in the first mirai nikki anime planet they sing 12 names. Yukiteru's Random Diary gives him the ability to see what happens around him in great detail, from his own point of view.

Makes starting discussions about anime a lot easier! While he thinks things through, despairing at his own uselessness, Yuno continues to kill the now resurrected followers of the cult. It starts with her parents setting up the cult to begin with, proclaiming her to be an oracle possessing the ability to see further than god… which is a lie. But after they die in a car crash, the cult takes a new direction. Back in the present, the three diary users escape the hall outside the confinement room, Yuno dragging Yuki by the arm, and him dragging Tsubaki.

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