Nearly 2 Million Concurrent Players Wipe Out the Also-Rans

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Maplestory 2 steam charts tinder places not showing up What makes MapleStory 2 such a hit on Steam and in the West? MapleStory 2 launched very successfully in the West last month. Lead Designer Miyoung Oh answered maplestory 2 steam charts few questions about the game. Did you think that the launch would go so well? Many players cjarts the game and express their opinions.

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The download of the game surpassed 1 million after its release. Along with a Halloween event which runs until November 8 with a themed quest and items, MapleStory 2 is giving out celebratory gifts. The end point is the finale of the new 4 people. The damage of the copy should make many players have a headache, but as long as you correctly understand some of the skills of the division of labor, it will definitely help everyone to pass.

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MapleStory 2 Global Version Debut Trailer

steam charts maplestory

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