Laravel Form Refactoring with Service layers

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Laravel eloquent service layer find a cyber sugar daddy Decoupling your code in Laravel using Repositiories and Laravel eloquent service layer 9th March '14 When starting with Laravel eloqunet are a number of places where you need to add your own structure, models being a big one. Models, as suggested by Laravel, are Eloquent Objects, designed to tell Laravel about a specific table - this is not a good place to put all your business logic. This article looks at separating the different uses of models into different places. By decoupling your code, you gain re-usability which can be very important, laravel eloquent service layer when your app is going to grow and do it fast.

What is a Service Layer? A "service layer" exists between the UI and the backend system that store data. It is in charge of managing the business rules of transforming and translating data between those two layers. Cliff Gilley answer to a quora post. This makes our application easy to manage, maintain and test.

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Lesson 28 - Service Design Patterns

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