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Kotoura san season 2 new york knicks stadium And in terms of closure, this actually ended up being one of the kotoura san season 2 final episodes of the last few seasons. The first episode was a corker — partly due to the disconnect between what I was expecting and what was delivered, kotoura san season 2 doubt, but also because it delivered some sah the darkest and most gripping anime drama in many a season. The series was a bit of a roller-coaster ride after that, right up to the end, and always presented a fascinating yet vexing conundrum about just what sort of show it was trying to be. I think the problems of Kotoura-san can largely be attributed to pacing. The format seems superficially at least ill-suited to tackling the kind of serious drama this series has confronted over and over during its run.

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Enjoyment 5 Kotoura-san has the makings of an exceptional show. It has the ambition to be both an emotional drama and an uplifting comedy, to be an experience full of highs and lows to keep you engrossed to the end. It even has an intriguing premise providing a solid foundation for its narrative. Regrettably, it is clear from the very first episode that not only is Kotoura-san plagued by atrocious writing, it furthermore has the entirely wrong attitude when it comes to the use of drama in general.

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Заметив двоих строителей, направлявшихся навстречу, Николь напряглась. Но они разошлись, ограничившись коротким приветствием. Николь поблагодарила судьбу за то, что одета в форму. Остановившись у рва, Николь разглядывала поселение инопланетян, пытаясь заметить удивительные сооружения, о которых ей рассказывали маленькие роботы: вздымающийся на полторы тысячи метров огромный бурый цилиндр, где некогда обитали птицы и сети; над ним прикрепленный к потолку поселения громадный занавешенный шар, прежде создававший тепло; кольцо таинственных белых сооружений, охватившее неширокий канал вокруг цилиндра.

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