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Iron man 3 cast matchmaker agency singapore So first of all, I want to say that I loved this movie, but I do get the hate on iron man 3 cast, for it's controversial plottwist. But there are some iiron why some fanboys shoud NOT be so angry about it; - first of all, the fake mandarin was set up, to not set up a racist stereotype and more of like a fun character. This is the first time I ever felt sympathy for the Tony Stark Character because his actions have consequences that effect himself as well as others around him.

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Tweet Shane Black , who made his bones writing " Lethal Weapon ," " The Last Boy Scout " and other crash-and-burn action films, was the perfect person to take on "Iron Man 3," and not just because he worked with the franchise's star Robert Downey Jr. One minute it seems to care a great deal about what's happening, the next it's sneering at the notion that anyone could care about anything that happens in a movie. Advertisement For a franchise on the brink of fatigue, this attitude seems just about right — especially considering that all of the Iron Man movies are more self-aware comedies than dramas, with overlapping, often improvised-sounding dialogue and winks at the audience which suggest that the filmmakers are fans of Bob Hope and Bing Crosby's affable Road series. This is the kind of film in which the hero can swear revenge against the villain for injuring his friend, then a few scenes later earn big laughs from the sight of Tony Stark in Iron Man regalia tottering down narrow stone steps like a drunk drag queen in nosebleed heels. In fact, its violence stretches the PG-13 rating to the breaking point, with lethal if mostly bloodless gunplay, and moments of wanton cruelty that would be jarring if the film weren't a cartoon fantasy in which pain and the laws of physics are largely theoretical.

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