Muslim women and the surprising facts about polygamy in India

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Indian woman who accept polygamy louise watts facebook Farzana is a senior nurse, 36, attractive, selfpossessed and articulate. In late twenties a girl is considered past it, so this arrangement is the best she can get. Does polygamy, or more specifically polygyny a man taking more than indian woman who accept polygamy wife, as opposed to a woman taking more than one husbandas sanctioned by the Quran, offer a possible solution?

Updated April 22, 2019 Controversies apart, marriages are still made in heaven for the average Hindu couple. Hindus regard the institution of marriage as a sacrosanct sacrament and not just a contract between two persons of the opposite sex. What is matchless about a Hindu alliance is that it's as much a union of two families as between two individuals.

'My Five Wives': A Different Look at Modern Polygamy

According to Sharia or the muslim personal law, men are allowed to practice polygamy. The two have argued that the Constitution does not touch upon the personal laws and therefore the SC cannot examine the question of constitutional validity of the practices.

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