Getting Back in the Dating Game

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How to date someone who had a stroke gay life in mumbai Dating after a stroke 99 months ago When you're dating someone new, and your someoen has not affected your speech long-term, how soon should you tell them about your stroke? Eventually I will have to explain why I need to keep my blood-pressure under control and not go to a social event like a football game or rock concert where there is lots of loud noise at least for the first year. Plus, I don't seem to feel well around large groups of people anymore unfortunately.

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Stroke News in Your Inbox Get all the latest news from the stroke community. Getting Back in the Dating Game Survivors share their stories and tips to help you find success in the post-stroke dating arena. Verna Noel Jones Jan 10, 2008 Dating can be frustrating, even downright intimidating, especially for survivors living with the physical and emotional effects of stroke. But those who've braved the post-stroke dating game say that there's life after stroke when it comes to new relationships. Ask Joe Garrity, a retired lawyer whose words were his trademark until aphasia robbed him of that important verbal skill after a stroke in 2003.

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And it provided her with powerful insight that she devoted her career to sharing. In that book, Dr.

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