The Advantages of a Fragmented Industry

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Highly fragmented industry examples understanding greek mentality How do you identify a fragmented industry? One of the key factors to identify in establishing a successful online marketplace is a fragmented industry. A fragmented industry is one in which many companies compete and there is no single or small group of companies which dominate the industry. The competitive structure of the industry means that no one company is in an overly strong highly fragmented industry examples influential position in the industry.

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For example, the fast-food business is one that has become extremely competitive and increasingly specialized, requiring something distinctive to stand out from the hundreds of franchises that offer the same thing. In fact, a fragmented market provides small business owners with opportunities to compete because most of the companies in that market tend to be small, and business practices vary widely. All of these factors offer advantages for your small business and can help you craft a successful fragmented industry strategy. Fragmented industries feature a number of different companies that are doing well, but no individual company is dominant.

Winning in a Fragmented Industry

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