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Henry rollins songs lyrics redhead personality facts Christina Fuoco-Karasinski A music legend in punk rock circles, Henry Rollins said he's closed that chapter in his life, albeit maybe temporarily. I've done it so much. I don't think Henry rollins songs lyrics can ring that bell any harder than I have. I don't think I can ring it any better.

Henry Rollins's Top 10 Underground Songs The musician and writer lists songs that will open your ears. Dec 31, 2014 Getty Images "Before I list a single song, I want to explain to you how I assembled the titles," Henry Rollins, the former frontman of Black Flag , says of the top-10 underground songs list he's compiled for Esquire. Rollins's cred in creating such a list is without question, from his work in the legendary punk band and solo music to his prolific writing and hosting on KCRW and the History network's 10 Things You Don't Know About. Still, he's clearly also enough of a music and history geek to take the task seriously.

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