10 Inspirational Golf Quotes for Entrepreneurs

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Golf psychology quotes powerful single mom quotes Besides his obvious talent he possesses something no other player in the game golf psychology quotes. a complete commitment to his mental golf psychology quotes. Not just once in a while or only when things are going good but on every shot his attention is focused. Even over the past two VERY difficult years. Tiger Woods' single mindedness became the stuff of legend and he's still only in his mid 30's. The source use of a well tuned mental game strategy placed Tiger Woods a full step ahead of the rest of the golf world.

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While much of the teaching from years gone by focused primarily on the mechanics of the golf swing, great players have always understood that golf is a game played primarily between the ears. In fact, it is, of all the athletic pursuits, the most cerebral game there is. Bobby Jones famously said that golf was played on a five and a half inch course; the distance between your ears. He also noted that the saying that golf is played one shot at a time was well known, but it took him a long time to learn it. It did.

Golf Psychology: Three Mental Strategies for Going Low

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Golf Mental Game: Elevate Your Success Mindset

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