Emperor Palpatine from set 75093: Death Star Final Duel

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Duel in palpatines office elderly health assessment pilot programme The pacing of the showdown leaves much to be desired, especially given how the speed improves in all of the other movies. It ends with Kenobi sacrificing himself, meaning Vader never really gets closure on the issue of his former Jedi master not that we knew that at the time. Finn is easily duel in palpatines office aside but still manages to land blows on his rival in something that makes no sense whatsoever. Sure, Kylo was wounded via Chewbacca beforehand.

The best part of a lightsaber duel is the talking A quantitative look into why the duel from The Force Awakens feels like the Prequels. Overall I wasn't disappointed - it's a solid, entertaining film, and a huge advance from the Prequels. But the lightsaber duel felt a bit lacking.

Mace Windu Vs Palpatine (Darth Sidious) Leg PT-BR, English Dub 1080p

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Palpatine. Dang, man! I'm spent! Mace. You under arrest, foo! Anakin. Sup? Mace. I got this.

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