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Dating site moderator jobs qradar 7.3.1 patch 7 interim fix 1 From videos of beheadings to neo-Nazi slogans and child pornography, hundreds job employees at CCC, a moderation outsourcing firm for Facebook, are attempting to stem the tidal wave of disturbing content on the social media site. Facebook granted The Dating site moderator jobs rare access to its Barcelona outsourcing centre, one of more than a dozen like it around the worldand interviews with three moderators, on the condition their names are kept anonymous. The office is meant to look cheerful. Positive slogans adorn the walls and bathrooms.

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A moderator monitors social media sites such as Facebook for posts and comments on behalf of companies. He or she does the same for comments posted in chat rooms, blogs, websites and message boards. Your role will be to remove offensive posts, arrange info in their right categories and also settle disputes. As chat rooms as well as community forums continue to increase, the need for moderators will also rise. Below are some sites that regularly hire home based moderators.

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dating app moderator jobs

'It's the worst job and no-one cares' - BBC Stories

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