Life As A Commuter Student

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Since WSU Vancouver is a satellite campus, students have no option but to commute to campus. That is a nearly six hour commute. This begs the question, how do other students at WSU Vancouver feel about their commute to campus? The VanCougar randomly surveyed 50 students to find out. Ultimately, 78 percent of surveyed WSU Vancouver students said they do not think that commuting to campus takes away from their overall college experience.

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Choo-choo-choosing your commute video above Leaving the car at home and taking public transport could help more people to hit their minimum daily exercise goals, particularly when catching the train. The team explains that public transport can be a good way to incorporate a little extra activity into everyday life, helping to stave off some of the negative health effects of our sedentary lifestyles. View embedded SoundCloud content Mighty nanoparticles Special nanoparticles on the scale of thousand-millionths of a metre , which have an inner core of one material and an outer shell of another, could harvest light and form new kinds of solar energy technologies. However, there are a vast number of possible combinations of materials for the core and the shell. Now, researchers from the Departments of Materials and Physics have used computational modelling to calculate the properties of 100 different core-shell nanoparticles.

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