Blog from the Dog - new VAT rules for the construction industry

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Client refusing to pay vat dating game questions multiple choice Here are the key actions you should consider taking. Late payment demand or letter before action The first step is to send the customer a late payment demand or letter before action. Many vst will pay up at this stage. You need to pay a client refusing to pay vat fee to start proceedings. For small claims this will be a county court judgement CCJ.

I took advantage of a momentary lapse in concentration by Penny. She left the lid off the container containing fat balls for the birds in the garden and I thought it rude not to help myself to more than a few. False alarm. It turns out they were discussing what our construction clients will say when they receive the first supplier invoice following the introduction of the new VAT rules for the construction industry. So, what are the new rules?

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client doesn't want to pay vat

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charging vat but not registered

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