‘The Bachelor’ 2019 Spoilers: Colton’s Winner Cassie Went On Show ‘To Get Famous’

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Cassie wins bachelor colton meaning of french word marriage Mar 4, 2019 Getty Images Navigating the social media world during Bachelor season can feel like walking through a landmine. It may be a stretch to compare reality television to a war zone, but it can be a bit of a shock to be scrolling through the comments and get smacked in the face with some information that will change your entire viewing experience. Every season of The Bachelor, including Colton Underwood's, I vow not to read Reality Steve or read spoiler-y Reddit threads, and every season I stumble on a seemingly harmless comment that gives cassie wins bachelor colton all away. This season, I've chosen instead to delve deep into the social media usage of contestants, and I think I've cracked the code on who is walking away with Colton Underwood's heart this season, and I've done it just by going deep into their social media use to show you how I may have figured it out. No spoilers, but my best cassie wins bachelor colton.

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And now that he has it narrowed down to his final three contestants, that dream is now one step closer to becoming a reality. But even though Cassie may seem like an obvious frontrunner to get him down on one knee by the end of the season, there are clues that Cassie doesn't win The Bachelor like many fans are hoping for, proving once again that Colton's journey is a very difficult one to predict. From the very beginning, Cassie has been a standout contestant in Colton's mind. Their conversations together have always felt natural and genuine — not to mention that their chemistry is completely off the charts. Even after hearing rumors that Caelynn and Cassie weren't supposedly there for "the right reasons," Colton opted to keep Cassie around.

‘Bachelor’ Happy Couple: What Happened with Colton & Cassie in the Fantasy Suite?

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The Bachelor Finale Breakdown Colton's Season (Part I)

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