The client most lawyers fear – and won’t represent at any price

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Can a lawyer represent his girlfriend hippie nomadic lifestyle Written by James Hirby and Fact Checked by The Law Dictionary Staff These days, hiring an experienced lawyer to represent an individual who has been accused of a crime can be ruinously expensive. Senior associates and partners can bill several times that amount. Reresent who lack deep financial reserves can quickly find themselves overwhelmed by legal bills. If you know someone who has been accused can a lawyer represent his girlfriend a crime, you might be wondering whether you're legally permitted to represent him or her in court. Depending upon your familiarity with basic legal principles, you might be able to appear competent and confident in front of a judge.

These are the people who are ready and willing to pay a lawyer, but are forced to represent themselves because the vast majority of lawyers refuse to litigate cases involving a claim of professional misconduct against another member of the Bar. In the past year I have spoken with dozens of such individuals. I am not a lawyer, but they appear to have good civil claims against lawyers for unethical or even unlawful conduct — apparently supported by strong evidence and backed by case law. Yet these Canadians are unable to find legal representation at any price. Some of these victims choose to self-represent, while others abandon any thoughts of seeking justice.

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Conflict of Interest 3. Conflict of Interest Conflict of interest dilutes a lawyer's loyalty to the client.

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